All Knitwear


Our curated collection of classic knitwear pieces are made in England from extra fine merino wool and John Smedley’s soft sea island cotton.

Adrian Black
Adrian Charcoal
Adrian Coast Blue
Adrian Coffee Bean
Adrian Harbour Blue
Adrian Indigo
Adrian Navy
Adrian White
Barrow Black
Barrow Charcoal
Belden Black
Belden Charcoal
Belden Cloud
Belden Coastal Blue
Belden Coffee Bean
Belden Harbour Blue
Belden Indigo
Belden Navy
Belden White
Bradwell Black
Bradwell Charcoal
Bradwell Cloud
Bradwell Coffee Bean
Bradwell Dragonfly
Bradwell Indigo
Bradwell Navy
Bradwell White
Hawley Black
Hawley Charcoal
Hawley Cloud
Hawley Coastal Blue
Hawley Coffee Bean
Hawley Dragonfly
Hawley Indigo
Hawley Navy
Hawley White
Barrow Dark Cocoa
Barrow Hepburn Smoke
Barrow Indigo
Barrow Khaki
Barrow Light Camel
Barrow Midnight
Barrow Orion Green
Barrow Racing Green
Barrow Saffron
Barrow Shadow Purple
Barrow Silver
Barrow Slate Grey
Barrow Snow White
Barrow Soft Fawn
Belper Black
Belper Charcoal
Belper Dark Cocoa
Belper Deep Emerald
Belper Deep Pool
Belper English Plum
Belper Hepburn Smoke
Belper Indigo
Belper Khaki
Belper Light Camel
Belper Midnight
Belper Ocean Spray
Belper Orion Green
Belper Persian Red
Belper Racing Green
Belper Saffron
Belper Slate Grey
Belper Silver
Belper Snow White
Belper Soft Fawn
Belper Wild Heather
Blenheim Black
Blenheim Charcoal
Blenheim Dark Cocoa
Blenheim Deep Emerald
Blenheim English Plum
Blenheim Deep Pool
Blenheim Hepburn Smoke
Blenheim Indigo
Blenheim Khaki
Blenheim Light Camel
Blenheim Midnight
Blenheim Morning Mist
Blenheim Ocean Spray
Blenheim Orion Green
Blenheim Racing Green
Blenheim Saffron
Blenheim Silver
Blenheim Slate Grey
Blenheim Snow White
Blenheim Soft Fawn
Cherwell Black
Cherwell Charcoal
Cherwell Dark Cocoa
Cherwell Deep Emerald
Cherwell Deep Pool
Cherwell English Plum
Cherwell Hepburn Smoke
Cherwell Indigo
Cherwell Khaki
Cherwell Light Camel
Cherwell Midnight
Cherwell Orion Green
Cherwell Racing Green
Cherwell Saffron
Cherwell Shadow Purple
Cherwell Silver Grey
Cherwell Slate Grey
Cherwell Snow White
Cherwell Soft Fawn
Huntswood Black
Huntswood Charcoal
Huntswood Dark Cocoa
Huntswood Hepburn Smoke
Huntswood Indigo
Huntswood Khaki
Huntswood Light Camel
Huntswood Midnight
Huntswood Orion Green
Huntswood Racing Green
Huntswood Silver
Huntswood Slate Grey
Lundy Black
Lundy Charcoal
Lundy Dark Cocoa
Lundy Deep Emerald
Lundy Deep Pool
Lundy English Plum
Lundy Hepburn Smoke
Lundy Indigo
Lundy Khaki
Lundy Light Camel
Lundy Midnight
Lundy Ocean Spray
Lundy Orion Green
Lundy Persian Red
Lundy Racing green
Lundy Safforn
Lundy Shadow Purple
Lundy Silver
Lundy Slate Grey
Lundy Snow White
Lundy Soft Fawn
Petworth Black
Petworth Charcoal
Petworth Dark Cocoa
Petworth Deep Emerald
Petworth Deep Pool
Petworth Hepburn Smoke
Petworth Indigo
Petworth Khaki
Petworth Light Camel
Petworth Midnight
Petworth Ocean Spray
Petworth Orion Green
Petworth Racing Green
Petworth Silver
Petworth Slate Grey
Petworth Snow White
Petworth Soft Fawn