Adil Ray


Adil Ray, OBE is an actor, writer and broadcaster, he is often seen on our screens at breakfast time for ITV's Good Morning Britain. We talk life and style with the Birmingham-based presenter. 

When did you get into Broadcasting?
I started as a DJ at uni, worked on pirate radio then commercial radio, BBC then television. Which is why I’m 46!!!


What is your go- to style?
Suits; I like a classic cut. Everyday, I’m fairly uniform - I like to wear black - fitted soft cotton jeans & dark tops with smart black boots, shoes or trainers. In the summer I love linen, in light colours 


Last book that you read/currently reading?
The Spirit Level - Why Equality is Better for Everyone. Richard Wilkinson & Kate Pickett


Favourite film?
House Of Games With Joe Montegna & Lindsay Crouse, It’s about the con game. 


How did you pass time during lockdown? Any new hobbies?
Binge watched a new series.I cooked! Think I finally nailed a chicken on the bone curry. As well as a bit of gardening; pruning & deadheading. Did I mention I was 46?!

Oxfords or Monkstaps?
Definitely Oxfords. 


Who is your biggest inspiration?
My Mother. 

You’re a Birmingham native, any restaurant recommendations?
Lasan an indian in Jewellery Quarter, Imran’s Ladypool Road for a bit more traditional, Colbeh (Persian), Franca Manca (the best pizzas in the world)!


When travelling, what do you always pack?
TEA! Pukka Night Time teabags ensure I get a decent nights sleep & Yorkshire Tea Bags get me ready for the day. 


Can we expect any new projects from you in Autumn/Winter 2020?
Currently writing a comedy heist set in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. It’s a pure joy to write. Hopefully on screens next year or 2022. 

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