Andrew Armbrister


Andrew Armbrister is the longest standing client of Clements and Church. From aquiring business attire- suits, shirts and overcoats from his days working in the city to embracing custom casual for weekends in the country, he remains a brand fan to this day.

You worked in the city for much of your career, do you miss it?
Do I miss getting up at 5.15am and home at around 9.00pm? I really enjoyed it when I was there but am happy to have moved on.

Dog or Cat?
With an adorable old black lab called Bailey and a fantastically spirited Parsons Terrier called Bertie it has to be dogs.

The best thing about Custom made clothing?
I get to choose what I want and can make it individual to me.

You recently travelled Europe appreciating art, what was the highlight?
My daughter has been studying History of Art at University and wrote her thesis on the works of the Danish painter, Vilhelm Hammersoi. Going with her to see exhibitions of his across Scandinavia was great, nice to spend time together and interesting to really sit and appreciate the work.


Two or three piece suit?
Until I first walked into Clements & Church in 2009 it was two, but a long discussion and a try of a three piece and I was converted. Been a three ever since.

You live in a village, what do you enjoy most about rural life?
We have just been out for our afternoon walk with the dogs and a 45 minute walk took well over an hour as we stopped and chatted with friends and neighbours.

What sports do you enjoy?
I am an avid follower of Liverpool FC and I really enjoy Formula 1 but if I was only able to choose one sport then it would have to be cricket. I absolutely love days at Lords and Edgbaston watching England play.

Do you support a charity and if so, which one?
I am the Treasurer and a Trustee for our local Homeless Charity and Foodbank and that calls on me to do something most days of the week.
We also support a wonderful local Charity called Globalcare which builds what they call 'shack schools' in various places around the world. One supports the children of Syrian refugees in the Beqaa Valley in the Lebanon and I was due to visit it this year but Covid 19 has put a stop to that - hopefully one day!

Who would you like to play you in a film?
My wife Karen tells me she would like it to be Tom Hanks - actually I think she would just prefer me to be Tom Hanks.
For me it would be Bill Nighy.

Favourite wine?

Favourite item of Clements and Church clothing (past or present)?
My 'Country Suit' made in 2011 was my first real venture into checks and is an absolute fav, but I have also been lucky enough to befriend cloth manufacturers Umberto Paccotto (from Cerrutti) and Paola Ferla (from Ferla) and I really enjoy wearing clothes made from their superb fabrics.

What type of travel do you enjoy?
Never thought I would admit to it but we do enjoy a cruise, see lots of different places and make good friends.

Last film/TV series you enjoyed?
Roadkill - binge watched it last week until the early hours - Hugh Laurie was very good.

What does true men’s style mean to you?
Getting the combination of suit, shirt, tie, overcoat, accessories right and as those who know me will attest having a very well polished pair of shoes.