George Alsford


We took model George to shoot Autumn Winter in Snowdonia, North Wales. The location was particularly apt – before he started travelling the world, George was a passionate student of geology. He told us all about slate and rock formations, plus a few of his favourite things.

I was scouted while living in Brighton. I was in my second year at university studying geology. I’ve always been very interested in earth processes, especially plate tectonics, mineralogy and gemology. I had a few jobs at the same time to fund studying and the soirees. I worked in a clothes store and sold tickets for nightclub events. Before that I was a chef in a vegetarian restaurant. I have always had a huge passion for hats and I worked very closely with owner Terry of Classic Caps, in my home town of Southend. I’d go to see him to absorb his knowledge and leave with some beautiful fedoras.

On a hammock somewhere hot with a gentle breeze, holding an ice-cold beer with my phone somewhere lost at the bottom of the ocean. Or in an old East London pub with my pals, having a catch-up.

The attire. I believe Britain is synonymous with classic, elegant, timeless style, which is instantly recognised in its tailoring and accessories. We are an honest, modest and genuine country and I always enjoy coming back after my travels. I love the fact that on such a small island there are beautiful coastlines, incredibly busy cities and a huge range of cultures. There’s nothing like our winters: some find them depressing but I love wrapping up, finding a place with a fire and sipping something with good people. Not to mention the fact that my accent goes down a treat wherever I am in the world.

For me, shopping isn’t about the shops but the day out and its food, drink and vibes. If I want an industrious shop I’ll go to a good department store and indulge. If I want a new suit and the experience that goes with it, I go to the good people at Clements and Church. I’ll have catch up and get a timeless piece pinned and fitted over a coffee. Other experiences I love are walking down the Lanes in Brighton. There is an abundance of vintage stores – I’ve bought many a leather jacket and bold shirt down there over the years. I’m a big fan of jewellery and the antique jewellery pieces they have there are incredible. Soho in New York is where I buy most of my new gold jewellery. I have a few jewellers who hold aside pieces they think I will like for when I return. I get a good Peking duck afterwards. One of my favourite stores is Classic Caps. As I’m busy with work and no longer live in Southend I only manage to go three times a year. Terry (an absolute gent) holds the hats he thinks I’ll like – a few classics and usually an outlandish number. It’s a tradition and I love the nostalgia and the man himself.

It’s cooking. Specifically, smoking. I’ve been a keen chef from a young age and my glorious mother is an incredible cook. In the past eight years since I started modelling I’ve become obsessed with BBQ cooking. I’m busy with work so don’t spend much time in London. But if I know I have a few days off, I invite my cronies round for a BBQ. Other than prepping spices, sauces and sides, I get up at the crack of dawn, make a coffee (and sometimes have a 4am cigar), start the fire and set up the smoker. Then I put the meat on and keep an eye on it all day. You can’t really beat smoked meat when done perfectly. I also find it calming and enjoy the science.

When people ask what I love wearing, it’s always “suits” or “tracksuits”. My dad is an impeccably well-dressed man and always says it’s best to be overdressed rather than underdressed. I will either be found in a tailored suit, crisp shirt, a bold fedora or baker boy cap and some jewellery, whatever the formality of the day. The rest of the time I’m travelling and it’s important to be comfortable, so I opt for a smart tracksuit with retro trainers and a baseball cap. I love tailored garments and have always believed in dressing well and giving the best impression.

I’m an aspirational man, but I believe in enjoying the journey as the result may not always live up to expectations, regardless of your best efforts. I enjoy the moment, treat people with respect and am sure it will work out. I want to see more of the world and my current goal is to have a successful modelling career and then focus on my passion – maybe catering or a food truck. We’ll see.

My Mother Goose first and foremost. She is an angel. And all the friends I grew up with and went to university with – a brilliant bunch of loyal and hilarious people who have been with me through it all. Finally, I love seeing my godson – he's turning into a fine young geezer!

I’m beyond hungover and have a long-haul flight.

My home in Victoria Park. Brighton as it’s sentimental to me. And my mum and dad’s gaff! 

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