Isha Blaaker

Our man in HAVANA, model from our cuban campaign, ISHA BLAAKER

Isha Blaaker was born in Suriname in 1988 and grew up in Rotterdam, Holland. He was scouted by a designer at 23 and signed by Max Models.

He has been nicknamed “The Charming Boxer” due to his experience as a kickboxer. He is currently studying for a masters degree in business, whilst working in New York as an actor and model. Enjoying the hustle of NYC and living the American dream, Isha has been recently filming for an HBO series and aspires to combine his love for acting on both stage and screen...

What’s the dream?
I would Love to do quality acting in both theatre and film

Best thing about living in NY?
The hustle and living the American dream, but miss being away from home family friends

Your Style?
Comfortable Tailoring, with All Saints Leather jackets and hooded sweats

Favourite drink?
Banana Beer

Favourite film?
Pulp fiction

Favourite book?
War and peace

Favourite Music?
Dutch rap music

Best country visited?
India for the culture shock

Model Isha for Clements and Church
Isha in Cuba for Clements and church