Owen Farrell


Owen Farrell (Faz to his teammates) is, by his own admission, not a regular shape. Slim-legged for a rugby player, he also has wide hips and broad shoulders. In need of some sharp tailoring for a season of weddings, he came to Clements and Church for the perfect bespoke solution.
Off the field, he’s a pretty relaxed dresser, usually seen in shorts, T-shirts and his favourite Common Projects sneakers (he is currently rotating three pairs — nude suede, white leather low tops and black high tops). But with friends’ weddings to attend almost every weekend this summer, he felt the need to up his game. “I enjoy the selection process — choosing the fabric, buttons and lining, and creating something unique to me,” says Farrell, 25. “My number 10 was the obvious way to personalise my collar.”

TEN QUESTIONS FOR ENGLAND’S NO 10 By 10-year-old superfan and no 10, Zachary Moore

WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE BREAKFAST? I love making breakfast, especially eggs and advocadQ: WHAT GOES THROUGH YOUR MIND BEFORE YOU KICK THE BALL? I empty my mind so not to dwell on what’s gone before.
IF NOT RUGBY, THEN WHAT SPORT?  Football, I played keeper.
XBOX OR PLAYSTATION?  PlayStation, especially FIFA.
DO YOU HAVE A SPORTING HERO?  I admire Michael Jordan [American basketball player].
WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN TRAINING FINISHES? Go on holiday to discover something new.
WHATS YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE? Biscuits and box sets.
DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS?  A puppy — Ronnie, a nine-month-old Hungarian Vizsla.
WHAT’S YOUR BIGGEST FEAR?  Letting anyone down.


The professional rugby union player is currently with Saracens, and is also a member of the England team. His favourite position is fly-half — number 10 on the pitch.

11 days after his 17th birthday, Faz was the youngest person ever to take part in English professional rugby union.

He played for England’s U18 and U20 squads before making his national debut in 2012.

Photographed being fitted for his custom made Clements and Church suit; the collar is personalised with OF 10

Owen Farrell playing for England
England's Owen Farrell being fitted for a Clements and Church suit
Owen Farrell personalised Collar in Clements and Church jacket