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All I Want For Christmas


As Gifting goes, nothing screams personal like a bespoke item of clothing, pair of shoes or luxury accessory. Something that's been made to fit like a glove, created in your favourite shade or etched with your initials, (or even a private message). The ultimate wish list includes something you want, or didn't know you wanted, but has been gifted by someone who knows you well enough to create your personal preferences. 

Bespoke Heels

Hand-finished in Spain, in a choice of hundreds of hues and materials from caramel luxe suede to scarlet high gloss patent. Select all the details to make these shoes truly unique.

Monogrammed Cashmere

With a super soft handle, choose a scarf or stole from the tonal palette and embellish with your favourite's initials to wrap them up in love. 

Custom-Made Wardrobe

For the ultimate indulgence, treat them to a session with their personal tailor, who will measure and advise on the best styles for your loved one, from formal tailoring to custom-made casual wear.

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