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Another Round


Abel Pozo Ramirez


Currently the Bar Manager of The Green Bar at the world-famous London hotel The Café Royal, Abel has seen his career take him from the Dominican Republic via Spain to one of the best hotels in London. Always looking to challenge himself he has developed his passion for cocktails alongside his love of luxury service, he loves to take people on a journey with his drinks.


We asked Abel to show off some of his favourite cocktails starting with his cocktail of the month all from The Green Bar at the Café Royal, very apt for the upcoming Jubilee weekend.


The Royalist

Abel’s signature drink and his choice for drink of the moment is his take on a Manhattan-style cocktail made with a Dry Vermouth and Bullet Bourbon finished with Benedictine a herbal liqueur. To make it go for a shot and a half of your favourite Dry Vermouth, add a shot of Bourbon Whiskey and finish it off with a dash of peach bitters and three-quarters of a shot of Benedictine and serve it in a Coupe glass with a slice of peach on the rim for a beautiful light summer drink, the recipe dates to the 1937 Café Royal Cocktail Book, you don’t have to mess with the classics.


Pear Sour

Another classic cocktail that dates to the 1860s, made with Glenfiddich 15 as its base topped with pear puree finished with egg white and ginger syrup a beautiful old-style cocktail with some real punch. A tiny history lesson on sour drinks, it is thought they were created by the British Navy in need of a drink that didn’t go off during long journeys using a rum base with a citrus element to combat scurvy.


Mezcal Negroni

The drink of the summer with a twist, the same hit of orange and bitters but with flavours of Mexico to bring it a modern twist. Mezcal is the drink of the moment, sweet and smooth no wonder Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul made it their mission to bring it to a wider audience.


Virgin Strawberry Bellini

When you’re in the mood for something lighter but still want the flavours and feel of a great cocktail go straight for a Virgin Bellini, peach puree and strawberry syrup topped with non-alcoholic fizz, gorgeous flavours with none of the worries.