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What to do when your wedding is postponed

I am sure that 2020 will be remembered in history - as we live through this unprecedented time we may remember it as the moment when life as we knew it changed forever / when every event, party and celebration was cancelled. You may remember it as the year you were supposed to get married.

If your wedding has been cancelled or postponed, here is some sage advice from our fantastic resident wedding planner.....Susannah Richardson

The most important thing is not to panic. No good comes from making a decision in a panicked state. You need to remain calm and consider your best options. Many decisions will be taken out of your hands as venues may be forced to close and the government may enforce social distancing, even after lockdown.

You also need to consider what you would do if people couldn’t attend your wedding. Some couples would carry on regardless, some couldn’t face the thought. There’s no right or wrong and only you can decide.

Anyone marrying this year should speak to their suppliers. Keep in mind that if yours is a September wedding then suppliers will be dealing with weddings taking place in the next few weeks so be patient. It’s a fraught time for them as well and they have many fires to put out so a delay in response should be expected.

It’s a good idea to keep guests informed as well. Obviously no one will be shocked but even just a “patiently waiting” note is good, mainly so they leave you alone and don’t wind you up constantly asking. Some illustrators have created beautiful Change of Plans cards which you can send digitally to your guests. See Smith and the Magpie and We are engaged shop on instagram

Mostly, don’t be forced into making any rash decisions. I’ve held back with some of my clients because I don’t want them joining a scrum and being rushed to choose a new date. It’s a time for calm, calculated decision making. Totally the opposite to how you might be feeling right now.

One other thing to consider, is the fallout from this. Sadly, some businesses won’t be able to ride this storm so I would have a back up list of options and people on hand who can do things at short notice. That way if we are all let out and your June wedding can go ahead, you are out of the starting gate and ready to go!

Susannah Richardson, founder of Everything Organised.

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