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Brow Beaten


Session stylist Nancy gives tips on how to look your best in a mask...

You’re likely to be grooming your facial hair or beard regularly, but what about your eyebrows? Whilst wearing a mask, brows will become your most distinguishable feature and there are a few tricks you can do easily do to make them look their best.

When grooming eyebrows on set, I personally prefer a less is more approach and like to keep things as natural as possible. It is quite common to have a couple of hairs that are longer. These can simply be tidied by combing upwards with a moustache comb and snipping away the excess with a small pair of grooming scissors. You can also always ask your trusted barber or hairstylist to help you and your next appointment.

I recommend plucking to be kept at a minimum and only in the ‘unibrow’ zone. This gives instant structure and definition to the eye area.

Lastly, a favourite product of mine to keep brows tamed is the Tom Ford for Men Brow Definer, which keeps brows in place all day. It contains a subtle, universally flattering tint of colour, which is especially fantastic if your eyebrows get lighter when your out in the sun. A quick sweep of this and you are good to go!