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Corduroy Revolution

Fashion writer Alex Noble explores the teacher's favourite fabric

Corduroy; it’s not a fabric one would usually associate with a strong sartorial game, largely due to the fact that for rather a long time, there were negative connotations surrounding the material - Effectively, you were fighting an uphill battle on how to wear cord without looking like a Geography teacher from the 70's.

The fact of the matter is, nowadays, in the social feeds of the sartorially interested, corduroy is ‘trending’ and we’d highly advise you jump on the bandwagon. Whether it gathered momentum within the digital space through regular appearances on Stranger Things, or from predominant roles in recent Autumn catwalk shows, the hype surrounding cord is very real. 

So, apart from it looking extremely slick, why should you embrace cord and why will it enhance your wardrobe? 

Corduroy is to England what tartan is to Scotland, and just like most Scots will wear their tartan with pride, it’s time you invested in corduroy; it’s a matter of national pride. Previously, cord had its roots in manual labour and worker attire, yet now it’s a contemporary gents game and so it’s time to jump on the revolutionary movement of cord within sartorial style.

Of course, a suit isn’t the only way cord can be donned; separates is another way to express yourself through this fantastic material but in a slightly more understated way. Both a cord jacket and pair of trousers can add real personality to your outfit and both can be worn in a variety of ways, meaning they’ll be a worthy investment piece. Gone are the days (at least for now) when the corduroy blazer was synonymous with dullness and academia, it is now a real statement piece, as long as the jacket is well fitted to your body.

In terms of trousers, a slim fit pair that tapers to the ankle, paired with a minimalist leather trainer can conquer any smart-casual situation and due to them being so diverse in terms of what you can wear on top, be it a roll-neck, Oxford shirt or fitted t-shirt, they have the potential to fast become a modern winter essential for you. 

Custom made three piece corduroy suit

Corduroy Revolution

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