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Superstar event planner Susannah Richardson reviews the past 18 months and looks to a positive future with weddings and events back on the agenda and bigger than ever before!

There was a period where we all embraced the small and intimate. For many it was just what they wanted, an excuse not to invite distant cousins and uni mates they haven’t seen for years. For others it was exactly what they didn’t want, they needed the crazy of a room filled with 400 people all singing and dancing on tables. 


I don’t really know where I sit with what I love the most. I really enjoyed the happiness it gave some couples to be able to spend all the money they saved on feeding people, on gorgeous frivolities. It also played amazingly into the hands of the creative, we could do things we wouldn’t normally be able to on a large scale and that made me excited. BUT, weddings were different. You can’t really have a full-on rave with 25 people banned from being closer than 1m together. I love people. I love crazy so the return to some normality is music to my ears! 


2022 seems to be the big comeback! Everyone wants to see the return to the gloriously, large celebrations. Everything we have missed all coming together in one huge hit. There’s also this need to totally go to town and dress up. PJ’s and Slippers have had us all far too comfortable so the need to get dolled up to the nines is high. The more formal the better is a new way forward. We are certainly seeing a return to the more local wedding as well. There’s still a fear with travel so many couples are opting to stay home and embrace the English Country wedding. Something which has seen a huge revival the last year with micro weddings of those desperate to plough ahead. I adore the prettiness of an English wedding, it’s stunning in all its garden gorgeousness. 


I love when couples know what they want and there’s nothing like months locked up together to get the plans formulated. I’m sure many a poor Groom has realised they have no escape from the floral designs and the invitation wording. Hours on Instagram has made for a mood board to rival a designer and a laser-focused bride on a mission. The plans are firmly coming together and couples are making sure everyone around them is ready for it. It’s just an incredible buzz. 


“I always encourage brides to wear a veil because it’s one of the only times in their life they will ever get the chance.  The same goes for tails. Unless you are a regular at regal, formal occasions this is probably your one chance to go all out.”


Whatever a couple decides. I know we are in for a crazy few years and I can’t wait. After all, everyone deserves their fairy tale!


Susannah Richardson is the founder of Everything Organised and author of The Honest Planner

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