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Get in Gere

Anna Moore revisits the eighties movie that redefined mens tailoring

Even if you’re not familiar with the exact storyline of American Gigolo, you may well remember the vibe of Richard Gere’s wardrobe and the relaxed tailoring he wore. The ‘American Gigolo suit’ has been cited as the defining moment in eighties menswear when tailoring became less formal. Giorgio Armani led the charge for this by removing the suit jacket's internal padding, choosing a pale colour palette and using linen and other soft and fluid fabrics. he effectively put Giorgio Armani’s name up in lights. Fashion legend has it that the designer was so delighted that to this day Gere can take what he likes gratis from any Armani store.  

“The worlds of cinema and fashion are very close, the one constantly communicating with the other. Richard Gere knows something about this, having been the first to introduce Giorgio to the world by wearing Armani fashions from head to toe in American Gigolo” Sophia Loren

For the Julian Kaye eighties LA Vibe, wear relaxed tailoring in earth tones and include these key pieces: 

1. Camel double-breasted jacket
2. Rolled-sleeve white shirt
3. Brown suede belt
4. Dark brown suede loafers
5. Off-white cotton jeans
6. Cartier Tank watch
7. Oversized aviator sunglasses
8. Convertible Mercedes 450SL

Richard Gere in American Gigolo
Richard Gere and Sophia Loren
Movie Poster for American Gigolo
Custom Made jacket and jeans