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Girl Power

Introducing The Modern Bride

Inspired by Bianca Jagger's iconic suit for her 1971 wedding to Mick Jagger, we have created a classic white tuxedo, perfect for a modern bride, but can also be worn on the red carpet. 

A single button peak lapel jacket with skinny flare is our interpretation of a 70's silhouette, using a white stretch super 140 for a crisp tailored look. As with our menswear, all the bespoke details, such as hidden pockets and embroidered messages add the final sartorial flourish.

Welcome to our club, ladies. 

Get Personal
Embroider a special message, key date or monogram into your collar, interior pocket of your jacket, or the heel of your shoe to make your bespoke outfit unique for your big day, making your look even more memorable.