Great British Brands; Clements and Church

British Tailoring's best keep secret

Featured in Country and Town House: Great British Brands 2020

Clements and Church is an independent British tailoring brand that provides bespoke wardrobe solutions for style savvy gentlemen. For formal occasions it offers custom-made suits, jackets, shirts and smart alternatives for business or casual wear, from chinos and jersey shirts to sneakers.
Founded in Birmingham in 2007, the brand has a reputation not just for beautifully finished garments but for the quality of the cloth it uses, sourcing some of the finest fabrics in the world. Its particular expertise lies in delivering the all-important perfect fit and it does that as much for everyday clothes as for outfits for a special occasion, such as a groom’s wedding suit. Fans of the brand also love the ability to personalise their shirts or suits with flamboyant linings or monogrammed initials.
Clements and Church has four stores in the UK; Beaconsfield, Oxford, Leamington Spa, and Birmingham. Many clients enjoy being part of the design process and can go into any of the boutiques to see a 3D render of a suit in the cloth they choose before a tailor measures them. After a bespoke pattern is accurately created using technology, everything is done by hand, from the suit’s creation, sewing and finishing, to ensure the precise fit that the brand excels at.
Clements and Church also offers
its Travelling Tailor Service, comprising a tailor’s visit to home or work, also hosting trunk shows across the globe. Ever happy to go the extra mile for its clients, one head tailor recently travelled to Turkey for ex-footballer Rio Ferdinand’s wedding to ensure that the ties of his ten groomsmen were perfectly aligned. 

'To become fully sustainable, the brand has spent the last two years adapting to be a fully custom-made operation'


Great British Brands feature Clements and Church