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There’s no other day like it; your wedding is the ultimate occasion for looking and feeling your best, creating memories that will last a lifetime, photographs to be studied by children and grandchildren. Whether you want traditional tails or a contemporary suit, we help create a look that reflects the groom’s personality and works with the style and theme of the day. Bespoke detailing is a hallmark of Clements and Church, and our groom service ensures the chosen suit will be unique as well as the perfect fit to the body and occasion. From the first consultation, to the photo opportunity after the vows, your tailor can be there to advise and assist. 

“Comfort is key on your big day. Select a fabric suitable for the setting,season and location of your wedding… Also, investing in a custom-made pair of shoes ensures you have an original look and a superior fit”

MAKE IT UNIQUE Customise the heel of your bespoke shoe with your initials, name or wedding role. Monogrammed cuffs and embroidered collars add a personal touch

personalisation for grooms at Clements and Church
custom made personalised wedding shoes
personalised collar wedding suit