Wedding Hair Goals




Behind every beautiful bridal hair look, there is a clever hairstylist. Our session stylist, Nancy Mae created Viktoryia's looks for our Spring Summer 22 campaign and shares her top tips for finding your personal look on your special day.




Select your outfit first and your make up and hair after. Your style of tailoring or outfit may dictate your beauty choices. For example, a custom tuxedo would look beautiful with the hair swept up into a chignon or ponytail. A minimal dress can look striking with a sleeker look. 



Go with whatever makes you feel like you. This seems obvious to some, but many can fall into the generic wedding hair trap. Love your hair short and shaved? Keep it. Obsessed with 1920’s style waves? Go for it. Feel at your best with your beautiful natural texture? We love to see it. Let your personality and uniqueness shine through on your special day. 



If you colour your hair, please don’t go for a drastic change just before your wedding day- unless you are totally sure you will love it. If you are still keen on switching it up, do it at least a month beforehand so it gives you time to adjust you hair if you need to. 



Book a hair trial with your stylist and take inspiration pictures with you- hairstylists are highly visual beings and we love to see your Pinterest mood boards. Your stylist can then consider your bridal outfit, location (will there be humidity?), hair texture, hair length and face shape to create your dream wedding look. A trial should make you feel at ease on your wedding day, knowing that they get your “vibe”.



Get your hair in tip-top condition. 6-8 weekly trims or “dustings” are vital in maintaining the health of your ends and preventing the hair from splitting from the tips upward. Scalp health is just as important too- Nancy recommends an exfoliating scalp scrub such as the Ouai's scalp and body scrub to detox an oily scalp and to buff away any dry flakiness. Consider using weekly hydrating treatments too- from Jim and Henry for thick, tight and curly textures or a Kerastase Mask tailored to your hair type.