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The Honest Planner

Expert Wedding Planning advice

Susannah Richardson, our resident wedding expert recently organised Rio Ferdinard's beachside nuptials and has written a must-have book for any newly engaged couple. The Honest Planner is a no-holds barred account of what's to come when planning big day. Expect some swearing and lots of hilarity (in the book that is!) available to buy at Waterstones and other good bookstores. 

Here's an extract from THE GROOM'S SQUAD

'Choosing your squad for a wedding should actually be a detailed science. It's not about whom youve known for the longest, its about who will actually be there for you and be supportive....They should also be a good public speaker, becaused let's face it, everyone expects the best man's speech to be a riot...The traditional job of a Best Man is to be the go-to guy. The person who helps you and makes arrangements. It is not (please make a note)the person who gets you blind drunk and leads you astray.'

'An easy to read, straight to the point, cheeky and slightly sweary guide to planning a wedding... this book cuts throught the fluff and is about guidance, like your best friend giving you tips over a bottle of wine- or whisky!'

Wedding Planner
Rio and Anton Ferdinand in Clements and Church