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Intimate Affair

The new way of Celebrating

by event planner,  SUSANNAH RICHARDSON

I've noticed over the years, with the introduction of ever more social media, that weddings have almost become competitions of Olympic proportions. The need to outdo and go bigger has at times taken over from the main point of a wedding, to get married!
As a planner, I try and get couples to do what’s important to them and forget everyone else, but in a world of excess, that can be hard. COVID-19 has given us a bit of a lesson. Golly, it’s been utterly pants, but in many ways, it’s been a blessing.

Nearest & Dearest
The unusual circumstances have made us be more creative and focus on the basics, the important stuff. Weddings aren’t going to be the same for a long time. Not to sound negative, but the days of 200 people crammed into a hotel aren’t going to be around for a while and is that a bad thing? If you really look at your guest list and be supercritical, how many names truly matter? When you factor in £150+ per head for each guest, would you happily take all those people for a slap-up dinner? I’m anti-social, there are about 10 people I like, so a wedding for 30 was perfect for me. Lake Garda, great food, wine, chilled vibe, my nearest and dearest... It also meant that I could spend the money on what I really wanted. I didn’t have to go without flowers so I could pay for a distant cousin to sit on table 20
and wave at me once throughout the day. We could spend our cash how we wanted. Okay, so it actually went on the diamonds in my wedding band, but I’m sure my husband agrees that we both benefit!

Dreams Become Reality
That’s what I love about the intimate weddings we’re creating today. They are design led. We can go all out because it’s one or two tables to decorate. The budgets stretch to vast proportions. Couture gowns, bespoke suits (obvs!) and utterly spoiling the specially chosen guests. Sometimes it makes me sad when couples can’t have exactly what they want because the budget won’t stretch, so micro weddings are the ultimate way forward. I’m a long-time fan of one long table with epic florals and stunning crockery in unique locations which would usually be too small, so your day is truly different. We have to learn to adapt to a new normal which can still be incredible.

Let’s enjoy a world of weddings which are everything the couple wants, wrapped up with a smaller bow. In the words of PT Barnum in The Greatest Showman: “A man's station is only limited by his imagination.” It’s exciting and I can’t wait to hear my next couple’s crazy dreams and make them a reality. 

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