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Custom Made knits - for the perfect fit

With a choice of 28 shades, from light blue to bottle green, our custom made knitwear has something for everyone.  Endlessly versatile, merino wool is a much-loved option for knitwear. The Merino is a particular breed of sheep, characterised by very fine, soft wool. The wool is known for its durability and insulating properties; all-natural qualities are retained from the coat of these animals to see them through the cold. Breathable yet warm, this yarn is ideal for both the height of winter and the in-between seasons. It is naturally resistant to stains, odour and grease, so needs very little maintenance. Merino wool also boasts an element of natural elasticity - this helps garments retain their shape and resist wrinkling for a look that remains sharp throughout the day. Invest in timeless wardrobe essentials, tailored just for you. All our knitwear is made in Italy to the highest standards, and just like our tailoring, we craft everything to your exact specifications.

With 16 styles available there is also a multitude of fully customised options from long to short sleeves to sleeveless. All garments are created using 3-D knitting techniques, which allows there to be less waste and minimises the impact on our environment. The 3D knitting machines used to create our knitwear allows the garments to be flexible whilst having excellent stability. Our knitwear is made as one piece, giving a seamless knit which makes for comfortable wear and ultimately, a more luxurious look.

Each knitwear piece is made especially for individual personal patterns. All styles are available in two gauges of single or double-ply knit depending on your requirements. It will take around 4 weeks to receive your completed garment. As every piece is made to order, it enables us to give you the option to customise your garment, by adding contrast colours on the edges or inside the neck and adding feature pockets. You can also personalise with your monogram on both the front or sleeve cuff, to create a truly unique piece of knitwear.

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