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Durable denim is officially the cloth of the season, from light-washed denim shirts to sleek cut denim suits and washed dark indigo jeans.

From raw selvedge to stretch we have you covered when it comes to denim, we perfect your fit and make jeans just for you from scratch. The search for your perfect jeans could be a thing of the past as at Clements and Church, we pride ourselves on getting the finer details just right. We only work with the best denim mills from around the globe, with specialist makers including Candiani who have the traditional skills along with the newest technology so you know you will get the best possible denim for you and the planet, by making sure we have the least number of steps possible in sourcing and making we help to keep things as sustainable as possible.

The origins of Denim are remarkably humble, although its journey through the years has been anything but. The fabric itself was first woven in France in ‘Serge De Nimes’ hence the anglicisation to denim however it took off with workwear and popularised during the gold rush era in America where it was loved for its hardwearing and durable virtues, denim jeans have since become one of the most ubiquitous garments in the western world. Denim’s significance has rarely dimmed throughout its 150-year lifespan. From humble beginnings representing the blue-collar worker, denim has become one of the most exciting fabrics to work with becoming our muse for the season, showing its versatility from jeans to classical tailoring.