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New Rules

How to look stylish whilst working from home

Psychologists say that to ensure productivity when working from home is to create a structure and getting dressed for work should be part of that routine. Staying in pyjamas is not ideal, as it can create a sense of feeling lazy and in turn, demotivated. However, when working from home, we are not dictated by workplace dress codes, so we have the freedom of choice, and we may choose comfort over style. It is also a fact that our productivity can be increased by wearing comfortable clothes as we are not distracted by being aware of how uncomfortable our shirt is.

New Rules on how to stay stylish when WFH

Stay smart from the waist up so you are not caught out by any impromptu conference calls.
This doesn’t have to include a jacket and tie, but should include a collar. A jersey or knitted shirt is the perfect choice, with smart features yet easy-to-wear feel.

Go for comfort on the bottom half, worn-in vintage denim or stretch cotton chinos are a good compromise to jogging bottoms.

These can be teamed with sneakers (if not slippers) for the ultimate at home footwear.

If you do need to leave home for essential supplies, add an extra layer of a wool unstructured jacket for warmth or storm system coat for inclement weather. 

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