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Women's Tailoring


With the same level of luxurious cloths available for our women's tailoring, we offer our knowledge and appreciation of the female form to create a capsule collection of elegant tailoring-that - like our menswear - is made to fit perfectly. 

We understand the confidence that comes with wearing something that is personally created for you, that embraces your body in all the right places. Whether a versatile weekend jacket to team with denim or a velvet tuxedo for a very special occasion, each piece is crafted individually with your choice of fabric, linings, buttons and all the sartorial details.

Head of Women's Design, Anna Moore said: 

"Our women's tailoring aims to empower and inspire, elevating elegance and femininity. One bespoke suit could be worn in three different ways; to work, at an event or even dressed down at the weekend." 

Clements and Church Womens Tailored Tux
Clements and Church Pencil Skirt