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Horses for Courses


After a two-year hiatus - race season is well underway following the Cheltenham festival, and the opportunity to showcase Spring/Summers’s best race-day outfits is upon us.

Some race meets insist on formal wear – for men a grey two or three-piece suit is always a good option, with a crisp white shirt and the opportunity to add interest with pocket square and tie combinations. Dress shoes are also advised. For women, the opportunity to dress up is never more prevalent than at the Style Carnival that is The Grand National.

Head tailor Matt Roden (who was runner up in the style awards on ladies' day) says:

'Aintree is a spectacle of colour throughout the year, they encourage smart dress in all enclosures so feel free to dress up for the occasion! Layering spring fabrics together helps to give a summer feel, but won't let you down even if the weather does!'


Tailored Trouser suits for women are the hot ticket for the race meets this season, as apart from being on-trend and looking effortlessly chic, there is no extra concern about dresses being long enough, or too bare for the rules. Clements and Church made to measure women's suits have three distinct house styles of trousers including a wide-leg shape, (seen here) worn long and voluminous, and a skinny flare, (as below) which – worn with a heel- is great for leg lengthening.  

Head of Women's design Anna Moore suggests:

'A trouser suit is an elegant solution to the rules about hemlines.  Steer away from traditional masculine business tones of navy or charcoal and choose a colour that pops, like cornflower blue, or a neutral tone that can be accessorised with soft frills, bows, and of course a statement hat.'

The Grand National 7-9th April

Dress Code: Smart dress, hats optional

In Aintree the theme is to be bold and express yourself - More is generally the rule here. Colour and style are encouraged here, especially on ladies’ day where the competition is high for the most stylish race-goer.


Royal Ascot 14th-18th June

Dress Code: Formal Daywear and hats.

Ascot insists on a formal dress code for all areas, (bar the more relaxed Windsor enclosure)-  ideally with men in suits, and women wearing hats. There are specific additional requirements for the other enclosures.

At The Royal Enclosure, the dress code for men is morning dress in black navy or grey with waistcoat, tie, and tophat, for women trouser suits or modest dresses worn with a jacket. Hats are a prerequisite.


Best Looks for Race Meets