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The Resort Wedding


You know the drill, the invites were sent months ago, travel arrangements made and the wedding is in a far-flung place... where the weather is distinctly hotter than here. What to wear to look effortlessly chic but elegant when the temperature rises?

The beauty of custom-made is that you can choose the perfect style, cloth and details for you and the occasion, from suits through to shorts, these choices can be determined by all the factors you need to consider. 

1. Is there a dress code? Look at the time, place and style of wedding whilst you consider the styles available. Something in the daytime may require shorts, whilst a lounge suit works well for sunset events.

2. Choose your cloth wisely, Natural fibres of cotton, linen and cool wool are more breathable than synthetics

3. Opt for a light colour, pastel or neutral tones works well.  Black or darker colours absorb the heat.

4. Relaxed or loose fits are more comfortable when the weather is hot.

5. The option of having your jacket buggy-lined makes for an unconstructed, breathable garment

6. Consider comfortable shoes or sneakers as feet tend to swell when the temperature rises.

7. Carry a spare shirt or top in case of perspiration or spillage on the day.

8. A pair of elegant sunglasses will add to your look and avoid squinting in the photographs.

9. Consider a straw hat as an essential as it can keep off the sun and finish a look.

10. Pack your wardrobe around your tailoring - with colours that can mix and match so you have a capsule for the trip! 

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