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Spring Clean your Closet

It may seem like an enormous task, but if you approach it in positive way, weeding your wardrobe is manageable and the results can be very rewarding.

As a personal stylist, I set the following homework to clients before I arrive: "Sort your wardrobe into three distinct sections...Clothes that you wear, those that you don't and Items that you want to wear...but you are not sure how to style."

Here is my step by step guide to the perfect wardrobe edit:

Be Ruthless

If an item is significantly too small for you then it is time to say goodbye. Do not hold onto clothes in the hope that they will fit one day.

Ditto if it does not suit you, is the wrong colour or shape for you. This will not change, regardless of how much money you spent on this garment. We all make mistakes; panic purchase (especially when shopping at the last minute for an event) or buy for the wrong reason (often because it has been reduced in the sale). It is time to recycle these clothes, without exception.

If you are holding onto something for sentimental reasons (last worn 10 years previously when you met your partner) then these items can be archived. Stored away or hung at the back of the closet.

If an item is too large for you but you love it, this may be corrected. Speak to your tailor about alterations that are achievable. 

If a garment is simply worn out, has been too loved, is stained and irreparable it is time to dispose of this (there are only so many pairs of jeans you need to keep to do messy chores in!) If it is a classic item such as a white shirt, then this should be added to the list (see below) and replaced as soon as possible.

Recycle responsibly

You may find a friend who is the perfect size/shape and a happy recipient for your cast-offs, alternatively there are many charities that can use good quality, barely worn clothing.
Our chosen charity is: www.suitedforsuccess.co.uk

There is Treasure to be Found

When you take the time there are often much loved but forgotten items in the wardrobe; You may have bought a suit for a specific occasion and never thought to wear it in any other way. 

Re-styling and repurposing clothes is a way of finding new life in old garments.

Try splitting your suit into a jacket to be worn with jeans and sneakers and team the suit trousers with a spring knit and coat. 

Collate a list of items that are missing or need replacing in your wardrobe, it may be that you could make a look work if you had the perfect item to wear with it. 

See our collection for Inspiration and Styling Advice, talk to your tailor for additional tips.


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