PRICE £350



Full Brogue Signature

Choose from over 60 hand painted colours for the upper, sole and laces, including custom burnishing intensity. Mix and combine colours on different shoe parts to create your own bespoke style

Full Brogue Patina

An Artisan leather painting technique, featuring different brushing textures and over 40 colours to choose from. Carefully hand painted in house; the result is a unique glossy patina artwork

Full Brogue Golf

All of our Golf shoes have removable softspikes™ attachments: these deliver maximum comfort and performance via a 16 component design which reacts to force exerted by the golfer.

Construction: Sole

Goodyear Welt

Blake Stitch

Construction: Finish


Well known for its softness, flexibility and durability. The main feature of ostrich leather is the quill or feather markings.


The Unique grain, scales, and colour patterns of snakeskin make this very desirable. The size of the scales may vary.


Originating from South west USA, American alligator hide is soft and pliable.

Construction: Toe