Bonnie & Alex

One beautiful couple, two amazing ceremonies

Bonita Banerjee and her husband Alex managed to include both a Hindu and a traditional ceremony all in one epic day.

The Brides Grand Entrance is a tradition where the bride is not allowed to see their groom until they meet at the altar (or Mandap), for Bonnie that meant she was carried in on a little wooden stool by family and friends, with her face covered in lotus leaves. They then circled Alex seven times before she was unveiled!

With the ceremony in Saratoga, New York many of their friends and family had travelled from all over the country, but Alex’s suit had travelled the furthest from Oxford, England!  Bonnie selected her favourite flowers - pink peonies, for her bridal bouquet and the bold pink colours appeared throughout the event.  Alex chose a Navy cloth for his suit with contrasting pink accessories to work with the theme.  Bonnie Said: ‘On Alex’s custom wedding suit we discovered many fun, embroidered surprises.’