Sam and Lia


Sam and Lia had originally planned to be married at the August Bank holiday weekend last year. With a guest list of 120 at a large venue in Northamptonshire. With the pandemic, goalposts had to be moved. Several times. 

This date was then changed to November, and then March.  Then with restrictions on guest numbers in place, and having attended a wedding at a venue designed for over 100, but attended by only 30, Sam & Lia opted to rethink the venue. 

With numbers further restricted to just 15 guests, they searched for a smaller venue and found the charming Manor, which fitted the occasion perfectly.

A new date was set for November 2020. But with restrictions changing constantly, and lockdown 2 finally put in place, plans were evolved again.  A new date was set- with the reduced guest list including immediate family only.

Signs were quite clear that even delaying the date until 2021 or beyond, would quite likely still be affected.  Venue availability was also a challenge due to the number of weddings being re-arranged.  And on top of that, being married was what they both had their hearts set on, so they decided to go ahead.

The intimate micro wedding was abundant with love and happiness and although not as originally planned Sam & Lia for sure would not have changed anything about the occasion. They had not realised until then that this was the wedding that they had always wanted. 'There was an overwhelming sense of love in the room at all times.' said Gary, Father of the groom. Everyone was very relaxed as the entire cast had assembled the evening before for a pre-wedding supper. 

As Gary is an existing Clements customer, it was a natural choice for dressing the groom party.  (Seeing a suit ‘hand made for Aaron Ramsey’ in-store was a huge factor!) Then it was over to Ian….

He created a mix and match combination including an amazing Boucle check jacket made from artisan luxury fabric Ferla, Navy wool formal trouser for Sam, and a waistcoat in the same fabric for his brother Tom, who was to be the best man to wear with a classic navy wool suit. Gary was dressed in a dapper Prince of Wales check 3 piece suit. all three had plain silk ties to coordinate

' It was great to create a wedding look appropriate for the intimate occasion, which could then be used in a multitude of ways, maximising the use of a formal suit and jacket. We also had a bit of fun with the personalisation too, with all three having their wedding roles embroidered under their collars: The Groom, The Best Man and The Daddy. ' Head Tailor, Ian Roper